Jeremiah Center aims to be a place of invitation to hear God’s voice of hope in the midst of uncertainty, suffering, extreme violence and desperation of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). This dark time is the result of a failure of leadership, both spiritual and political. Jeremiah Center aims to be a place where we hear God’s voice inviting us to embrace the pain of our region and to tirelessly work toward change. We desire to lead God’s people to see the light of Christ.

Located 22 miles west of Bunia, Jeremiah Center will host leadership training workshops, produce and publish scholarship, and be a needed place of rest and retreat for Christian leaders.  Jeremiah Center will address the question of failed leadership by training Christian leaders to reflect on current circumstances, to learn from God and one another, and to network with others. Jeremiah Center will guide leaders to work together towards a common vision that inspires a movement of hope and transformed communities in the region. Such transformation requires the creation of resources fit for Congo that deepen our understanding of the situation in the region and our call as believers to become agents of justice and bearers of hope and newness.