1. Leadership Training Workshops

Well planned workshops for key leaders, with a clear vision of helping them to come together, will guide them to listen to one another’s testimonies, to pray and think about the region, and to develop a common plan for action. In addition, workshops will help leaders identify and appreciate the enormous human and material capital they possess, opening them up to the idea of the ministry of building and transforming their communities. It is our conviction that the Bible describes a coherent vision for society that can help us understand our own context. Finally, a network of leaders will be useful in mobilizing the church during the times of crisis.

2. Research, Scholarship and Publication

There are currently no Christian magazines or books being published in our region that biblically orient reflection on what is going on in the eastern Congolese region. Such resources would strengthen the faith of Christians and orient the community to think on how to make good choices, to live as good citizens and to build communities that reflect biblical values. Due to the lack of good research and publications in our context, Christian’s minds and imaginations are fed with unhealthy talks, hatred, and division. Jeremiah Center seeks to make the research, scholarship and publication of Christian resources one of its top priorities. In addition, the Jeremiah Center will host a specialized library to help Christian leaders connect their faith with their ministry, and to understand that the Bible describes a coherent vision for society.

3. Place of Rest and Retreat

In their daily struggle, our leaders need to find a place of retreat where they will rest, reflect, seek God’s face and write for the Christian communities in our region.